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What is online betting?

The online betting industry exists since the beginning of the internet itself. In countries like: Ireland, UK, Ireland and Malta.

The betting companies discovered that the chance to provide betting products online opened a new market for their clients and themselves.

Instead of customers needing to travel to the betting shop or bricks and mortar Casino. They can gamble on any event, as far as they have an account, internet access and funds in their account to place bets.

Betting online - Opportunities

Poker and casino players can bet all day long. At least, in poker Poker the players can play for as long as there are players who can play.

In the world of sports there's always a football match or tennis match or cricket game going on around the globe.

Always something to bet on

Thus, while games between India as well as Indian teams can occur in the evening and during the day. More precisely at Indian time, players can find live events that take place in Australia or New Zealand.

There's always something going on , and something to bet on.

Completely safe to bet at

Online gambling sites must behave in a legally sound, ethical and responsible manner, or else they run the risk of losing their licenses and not being able to run their business anymore.

That means your data and money are safe and any cash due to you as a result of successful bets will certainly be paid to you.

A lot of options for betting

Instead of going to a bookmaker for sporting bets or a casino for games at a casino.

You can access many different options to bet on on the same website as well as a lot of betting businesses offering what's known as a multi-product offer.

Did you even know?

The first ever instance of betting online wasn't in the UK but located in Liechtenstein, a tiny European nation of Liechtenstein. It wasn't gambling or sports, but rather the national lottery. It was 1994.

Betting online in India

Despite the country's long-standing obsession with cricket betting as well as the accessibility of the internet and the massive usage of mobile phones. India took its time to adopt online betting as compared to other nations.

The gambling industry in India is controlled by the Public Gambling Act of 1867 that prohibits all types of gambling. Because it was written way before the invention of Internet technology, live betting was not included in the law.

It's basically "a gray area" and in the past few years, we've witnessed Indian betting companies as well as non-Indian ones bringing Indian players to their sites.

It's not legal in the sense of that term, but it's not illegal to do so that anyone Indian customer is able to have an account on the internet.

Many feel they are in the wrong because illegal Indian bookmaking business has led to corruption, criminality and money laundering , and that betting online is an alternative that is far more secure.

It's also true that gambling websites that accept Indian customers are required to pay taxes on behalf of the Indian government. Indian government, which is an important source of revenue.